Our Story

It all started when two kids needed money for something they wanted to buy. They decided to start a car wash business to earn enough money. So off they went to gather all the possible car washing supplies they needed, printed out flyers, and within hours they had their first job. Even though they had very little experience in this business, they were determined to do great work. After completing their first car and getting payed, they immediately went home, jumped on Youtube, and found tutorials on how to wash a car. The next weekend they got another wash, and then another and soon found themselves with bookings every weekend. Today, they have mastered auto detailing. They take pride in researching the best products and techniques used in the business, and use only the finest materials available.

Garrett O'Connor

Customer Reviews

"Garrett, CEO of Carwash Crew is an expert detailer, well versed in his arsenal of the right product for the righright job. Excellent detail work, and knowledge of wax, cleaners and products to bring your car to the ultimate shine!"

Jay C-

"These kids do a wonderful job. I'd recommend them to all the folks I know."

Joseph B-

"These guys really know how to make my Mercedes Sparkle! Great job, Fellas!!! Let's make this a regular appointment."

Linda W-

"Great job! I adoppted a car with 32,000 miles from a bad home.Little dings and scratches, along with a couple bad ones down to the primer. Seats and mats were stained. Generally dirty, bad condition, AND Black so it really stood out. The guys brought the TLC she really needed. Now I'm proud of my new (to me) ride!"

Mike B-

"The Car Wash Crew did our cars and did such a phenomenal job that we also hired them to do our boat and kayaks in Lake Toxaway. He did a great job with the boats and we are launching them this afternoon."

Dan C-

"Absolutely amazing guys and service!!!! My car never looked so good , I highly recommend these guys and it's the best detailing I've ever had!"

Alice P-